About Us

Videolab was founded in December of 1972 which at that time TV Repair was the main operations until several years later when VCR’s , audio equipment, camcorders, microwaves, early game systems and other consumer electronics became a steady business to coincide with TVs.  As the decline of repairs started in the mid to late 1990s Videolab started the Video Transfer side of the business and has steadily grown over the last 25 years.  The original ownership of Roger Schuerger working along side his son Todd has become a trusted and reliable business that takes quality and customer service to its highest.

Here is what we do:

-Repair any make television set (LED,LCD,OLED,Plasma)-Carry in or in-home

-Convert any type of video tape to long lasting DVD’s or digital files

-Convert 8mm & 16mm movie film to DVD or digital files

-Scan and digitize 35mm slides or photos to data or slideshow

-Transfer audio cassette, reel to reel and track tapes

-Records to audio cd, or mp3 files

-Movies, tapes, audio to usb flash drives

-Convert video and photo files from SD cards, camcorders and cell phones to DVD

-Repair damaged video tapes to enable transfer to DVD or digital files

-Restore video tapes damaged by fires and floods to DVD or digital files

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