We can repair your damaged video tapes.  We will repair your tape to gather information on media and transfer it to your desired form (DVD or MP4). We no longer will just repair tapes as they have not been dependable for repeated play.
We can repair VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, BETA, 8MM, DIGITAL 8 and MINIDV tape.
All others will be repaired to the extent of being able to retrieve the video information and make a copy to the customers choice(DVD or MP4 file)  These smaller type tapes are on occasion not playing well or jamming up in some camcorders after repair because of the nature of the media.
VHS    $10-20.00 + COPY
SVHS  $10-20.00 +COPY
VHS-C $10-20.00 +COPY
8MM     $15-25.00 + COPY
MINIDV  $15-25.00 + COPY
BETA    $10-20.00 + COPY
Most repairs are at the lower end of price range unless the tape shell or reels must be replaced.
In certain cases repair or restoration charges can be higher because of more severe damage to tape (mold, mildew, severe sticking) and a price will be given for customers specific issues.

Restore camcorder tapes with bad tracking, lines or no sound.

We can in many cases correct problems with tapes that have been recorded in Camcorders with alignment problems.
A common problem with Camcorders is that the post assemblies may loosen and cause alignment problems when you go to play the tapes back. We correct this problem by misaligning a Sony 8mm deck or VHS deck for VHS-c and VHS tapes when we are playing your tapes back to make a copy. In many cases by simulating the misalignment on your camera we are able to make good copies of your tapes.  We are able to save these precious moments on tape that would be lost forever.