We are the film transfer experts.  We offer many different packages and options depending on the customers desires.

The basic package is transferring the film using 3-chip Sony camera through special telecine lenses into a broadcast video enhancer and controller and then into a non linear editing computer.  The unwanted footage (black or overexposed film is eliminated).  We can output the video from the computer to customers choice- DVD or Digital File (MP4)

We use only the highest quality DVD media.

Special Editing and Narration

Another option is to have the film transferred and then customer given a time code DVD to take home and place the clips in the order they want and also eliminating unwanted footage is possible.  Customer can also add their own narration to the video and it will be put together in a special custom family video.


We charge $8.90 per 3 inch reel and 15.5 cents per foot of film on larger reels (reg8, super8, super8 sound, 16mm and 16mm sound) and there is no extra charge for cleaning and lubrication of the film, repairing and resplicing film, music, opening and closing files.

There is no extra charge for sound 8mm or 16mm film.

There is no set-up charge and we discount 16mm H.S. football films to 11.5 cents per foot of film.

An original DVD is $35 (includes back up second DVD) or MP4 files to USB flash drive-$35

Additional exact copies are priced much lower.